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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheering the Goddess, #3

People were in a festive mood at the Opening.....

Sundance. One of the Goddess' iterations in various cultures has been through sun images. The sun is the source of life energy, and re-emerges in full force each spring & summer, signalling the season of new life, regeneration, and bounty. What better way to exude joy & energy than through dancing? Even the hair is dancing & radiating energy.

Sundance's floral images are created with very old wooden fabric stamps, originally from Pakistan & Uzbekistan, and purchased from 'junk' sellers in an out-of-the-way alley in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.

Lifestream references the goddess through its principal water/stream image, and also in whorls & concentric circles in the background. Sincere apologies to Georgia O'Keefe!!

Bird Goddess. The goddess is often represented by a bird figure, especially the Ibis, or Stork. The Ibis is a wading bird, which evokes the water connection again. & of course we all know what the Stork/Ibis brings with it......

This piece captures that transitional/dual state between human and bird that is prevalent among god/goddess representations throughout history.

The Gift is rather like a sketch -- a little rough, and somewhat without detail. It captures the essence/feeling of the greatest gift, from its creation to its presentation to the world. The mother is able to communicate with her unborn child in a way no one else can.

I'm so pleased that this piece has found a home with the family of a beautiful new baby. He is their gift, and this work really spoke to them.

All for today.

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