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Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to Reality

Well, it's surely been a very long time since my last entry!! Between October and now, I've sent the unsold pieces from my Istanbul exhibition back to Avanos, bid a sad farewell to my friends in Avanos for another few months, returned to my Gibsons BC studio, bumbled through Christmas, and spent a mad few weeks creating the work for my exhibition at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery! Whew! What a ride!

Entitled "Cheering the Goddess", the present exhibition follows the female/goddess figure from paleolithic times through to the present (or, at least, it's my interpretation of her.....). I've built a ceramic patchwork quilt with tiles that have historical goddess images, abstractions of female characteristics, and even a couple of milagros from Oaxaca. Other than some of these tiles, there are no historically 'correct' images. The rest of the show comprises panels (& 3 bowls) depicting my own interpretation of what it means to be female, and my representation of some of the qualities that caused various cultures through history to elevate women to 'goddess' stature.

The goddess is the embodiment of abundance, fertility, nurturing, wisdom, continuity, regeneration, and life-giving waters. The panels incorporate myriad symbols that have been used for millenia to represent the female and those characteristics which make her so essential and revered.

A full complement of pics will be up tomorrow........

All for today. & welcome back!

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