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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheering the Goddess, first pics

Here are the first few pictures from the "Cheering the Goddess" show.
Most of the pieces are terracotta earthenware clay: I quite enjoyed the possibilities of this material since working for my show in Istanbul.
Above is "Earth Mothers" - a typical Turkish landscape with life in the river, and goddesses hovering in the hills: Goddess as protector of earth & life, creator of bountiful harvests, provider of waters.

When I think 'female', I think of flowing lines and sensuous curves.
"Ova" is, of course, all about fertility - the most obvious way in which woman is Goddess.

"Seeds" of turquoise give this piece a pop of colour, which I like. Another nod to fertility.

"Mother, Protect Us". Somehow the mother has a nurturing and loving look about her, even though she has no facial features: the essence of motherhood as I see it.
As I look at it now, I also see eggs & sperm, which I hadn't seen until the piece was hanging on the wall. So I guess it's about fertility also. But it was intended to represent the mother protecting her children, while realizing that the nature of children and the protection we can give is fluid and changing as they slip in and out of our grasp.

More tomorrow. Heading out soon to the Opening. Yay!

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