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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Studio #9

This is my friend Serife (say Sherifay), who I've known for 10 years now. She lives just up behind the studio, atop the mesa. Hers is the highest house in town, and the view from her little veggy garden is spectacular, with the 'old town' laid out at her feet, and the river running far in either direction. She can see clear to the next village!

Seeing each other for a few weeks each year, Serife & I have developed a warm friendship. She speaks a little English and quite a bit of French, so our conversations are multilingual. We take a walk every afternoon by the river and help each other with our languages. My Turkish is improving daily. Serife has agreed to be my videographer for a couple of days while I make my final (and best, I hope) panel. I have some footage already, taken with the camera on a tripod. Having Serife use the camera, I can move around a bit more, as I'll need to do when laying out the ground for the panel. And it will feel more natural talking to Serife than talking to myself!

Remember those dull, black-&-black-&-grey-on-terracotta abstracts that came out of the kiln?

Well, I worked a little magic on them after the firing, and this is what I got. I like the way the colours came out in this one. The others are a little too blue for my liking; but they tell me that blue sells..... so..... We'll see. Inshallah.

Today's "Hamam Woman" is looking a little blue at the moment also. The blue wash made the clay very wet, as you can see from the reflection of the camera flash. So I am waiting until tomorrow to brush off some of the blue so her trunk and legs are just a little more visible.

Today's entry seems a little short. Frankly, I'm preoccupied with visualizing my final panel. It will be on the large side, about 3.5 x 2.5 feet I think, and a very sensual piece. I figure it will take at least two days, or maybe three, to complete.

Also in the next couple of days, we will be mounting the fired pieces on their wooden backings. Then, stay tuned for some photos of the final work!

All for today.

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